Asia Young Scholars Summit (AYSS) Articles 2019

Determinants of the US Cross-Border Bank Lending to the ASEAN-5 Economies  
Agus Salim, Mochammad Ridwan G
Finance and bank liberalization have been being empirical debating in recent decades which focused on the benefit and cost. One of the products of financial liberalization is the international bank lending as intermediation of the global bank that flows from a developed country to the emerging market economies. This paper analyzes determinants of the international bank lending from the United States as a home country to the five Southeast Asian emerging market economies as host counties. The empirical framework based on the system-GMM revealed a high impact of push and pull macroeconomic factor variables to the dynamic of crossborder bank lending. The growth rate of the home and host countries shown as the most significant variables. Surprisingly, the interaction of the global banks’ exposure and the US growth rate indicated the reaction of shock in the US economy which dominantly affects the dynamic of the US international bank intermediation have transmitted the global shock to the ASEAN-5 economies.
(Best Paper 2)


Mohamad Arifin and Nadia Amalia
The development of the digital world has now progressed very rapidly, especially entering the industrial revolution 4.0 where all human activities use digital technology to accelerate the flow of information, including in the banking world but besides having a positive impact on the development of digital technology in the banking world banking, namely the cracking of customers’ ATM cards by hacking into the banking security system by irresponsible hackers by installing skimming tools on ATM machines to make duplicate ATM card duplication in order to drain the customer’s money balance. From this problem, the background of the researchers was to innovate money-pulling machines based on human fingerprints because the nature of human fingerprints or in medical terms called biological profiles had special characteristics for each individual that was not the same as each other. This fingerprint system has a very high level of accuracy, this is proven by the application of indonesian indetity  electronic cards and fingerprint attendance systems in offices, while the research method used purposive random sampling with a number of respondents as many as 50 people consisting of 25 women 25 people with a age range of 17-25 years with a result of 40 people or 80%: having experienced an ATM card ingested on a machine while around 10 people or 20%: having experienced an ATM card burglary. a short time, the long-term hope with this innovation is that banking crime can be minimized and make transactions more practical using the fingerprint system.


Moch Rizal Bayu Bakti Nugroho and Fauzi Wahyu Zamzami
The uncertain state of the village economy in Indonesia has made people’s livelihoods unstable, demanding that the community be more creative in opening up businesses or opening up their own businesses to live their lives, so that unemployment does not increase. Most people do not know so much effort that we can build by using creative ideas by utilizing the ingredients that are around us. Our main motivation for creating creative ideas that we will describe below is to help increase the income of surrounding communities with entrepreneurship training in the formation of creative industries related to food. So that the hope is that besides being able to improve the standard of living of the community in the academic community, it can also provide new jobs for the surrounding community. That reason is what underlies and encourages us to create this creative idea, so that finally it comes to our minds to create new product creations by utilizing the basic ingredients of Bawal fish skin. In realizing this program, we will also involve students who will later become mentors and assistants in the entrepreneurship training process. The creative industry that we make is related to food which makes Bawal fish skin as the main base material that will be processed into crackers and this business will be managed in a transparent and whole way for the surrounding community. It is hoped that the presence of the creative food industry based on Bawal fish skin can increase the income of the people in Sambirejo village, as the location of this industrial center.


Farid FaridAwatar Wisya Fatwa and Aiman Bahalwan
Indonesia as a country of islands coastal area has potential as a prospective economy especially through supporting the development of the tourism sector. It is aligned on the movement in the 21st century where tourism according to WTO appears as a new world economic axis and become a strategic industry fields. With regard to this case if referring to the National medium term development plan (RPJMN) 2015-2019 governance Jokowi-JK through Nawa goals and conception of the maritime Axis makes the coastal tourism sector as one of the areas of development the economy of scale of priorities. The construction of the kepariwisatan belonging to the 12 action program of the sub areas of Autonomy In the economic sphere. One of the areas that become national tourism is the motor of the special region of Yogyakarta, where appropriate issue of coastal tourism (Coastal Tourism) became the primary focus of Gunungkidul Regency. Gunungkidul has the potential resources of the beach with a coastline of approximately 72 km comprising approximately 69 Beach Viewed from the Regional Tourism Development master plan (RIPPARDA) Gunungkidul. Coastal tourism a priority and the development of tourism by the Government’s flagship Gunungkidul Regency, where a strategic area Tourism (KSP) based beaches reaching 3 KSP, KSP 6 in total. As for the institutional governance of the destination using a combination of the management by the Government, private and group Sightseeing Aware (Pokdarwis) community. Based on RIPPARDA and analysis of original sources of income regions where the potential for coastal tourism are the biggest sources of income in the Gunungkidul Regency. One of the best practice management of beach tourism object this is going home with the Community development approach based Tourism Development. Pulang Syawal Beach D.I. Yogyakarta on the basis of a conscious Group tours (Pokdarwis), consensus nature and people’s economy has been able to realize a Sustainble Tourism Development and the well-being of local people. On the basis of that, the researchers raised the paper “development of Coastal Tourism Community-based Tourism Development in support of the axis of the world and Martim Nawa Goals case study: Conscious Group tours (Pokdarwis) Coastal tourist destinations (Pulang Syawal Beach, Indrayani) Gunungkidul Regency, D.I. Yogyakarta “as a title in this scientific paper. This research uses qualitative descriptive method model case studies (deviant case) with the SWOT analysis and the study of formal non-formal actors in the development plan of Coastal Tourism and the various programs that have been done including implementation and commitment aspects of Sustainble Tourism Development Community-based Tourism Development (Pokdarwis). Community empowerment with the establishment of Pokdarwis as the provider of tourist destinations on the coast Pulang Syawal Beach (Indrayani) currently has managed to give multiple effects on the economy of the local community and strengthen the leading culture with coastal tourism economy. This success is certainly in the future can be a contribution are the area and motivate other areas in support of program Goals and Nawa Maritime Governance Axis Jokowi-JK appropriate potential leading integrated area


Implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program at PT. Dua Kelinci Indonesia in Maintaining the Existence of the Company
Syahmirwan and Muhammad Amin Mujaddid
PT. Dua Kelinci are one of the well-known companies in Indoesia engaged in the food industry. The company is growing to become the best peanut food pducer in Indonesia by implementing an international standard product quality management system. So it no stranger to general public in knowing about PT. Dua Kelinci. The development of this company has been increasing since 2000 where it has produced various kinds of peanut shell products, flour wrapped nuts, and flour-based snack products. This is in line with the development of modern technology in equipment and production machinery owned by PT. Dua Kelinci. With the quality policy applied by PT. Dua Kelinci, which gives the highest satisfaction to customers, the company continues to make innovations to maintain its existence by conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. The form of the program is to provide support and appreciation to national athlete, compensation for orphans or poor people, blood donations, donations for victims of natural disasters, reforestation program, sponsor of the Real Madrid Team since 2010, as well as several other activities involving all community, employees and goverment.


Does Corruption Grease or Sand The ASEAN Economy’s Wheel?
Fadiar Iftahul Baidathy FR
Corruption is the act of people to conspire with bureaucrats or vice versa in providing false information to the government and citizens to get their own benefit but the state will suffer losses. This action is reflected in bribery and tax avoidance. In the economy, two results of corruption can be carried out, sanding or greasing the economy wheel. The cost of bribery can be the incentives for bereaucrats to complete licensing, smoothen the regulation or easing tax payments. In this case, the investment will bring the economy grow faster because the investor can remove some transaction cost. But when this act of bribery is found out, the production activity will stopped and the state will gain some losses and leads to slowing down the growth. In this study, the result of economic regression panel data showed positive significant result for ASEAN countries that corruption will leads toeconomic growth. Through this paper, thestudy tried tobuild a facility sothat people would know about eachoftheir country’s state. In addition, ther is also a need to integrate public with the anti-corruptio alliance through a platform. This platforn will facilitate and educate public corruption and economy from ASEAN. Public will get a picture of losses and the impacts of the corruptions for the economy. In the end, this paper can be the guidelinefor people collaborating withanti-corruption alliances toachievesuistanableeconomic growthfor ASEAN.


Bureaucratic Reform to Support the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0
Ilyas Muttaqin
Bureaucratic reforms are so important to be realized soon. Bureaucracy as the spearhead of public services must be able to realize prosperity for the community. In the APBN 2019, central government spending to pay ASN (Aparatur Sipil Negara) reaches Rp. 1,634.3 trillion for 4.5 million ASN in Indonesia. This number is certainly not comparable with the performance of ASN which is still lacking in achievement and has not met public satisfaction in terms of services provided. The purpose of this studied was to find out and describe the solution to improving the performance of ASN within the framework of bureaucratic reform to support the industrial era 4.0 which was sweeping the world. The approach method used in this writing is normative juridical with the specification of writing that is descriptive analysis. The theoretical foundation that will be used is through the theory of state administrative law, the legal theory of personnel administration and basic management theory. The purpose of this research is to determine effective methods to be implemented in the world of bureaucracy as supporting bureaucratic reform in the era of industrial revolution 4.0.


An Entrepreneur Point-of-View about Policies to Support Innovation in Sharing Economy Era   
Gatot Gunarso and Julbintor Kembaren
Entrepreneurship can take form as intrapreneurship within an established company, creation of new businesses, and innovation of processes. Creation of new businesses have important part in prosperity and development of regions, where the entrepreneurs are the actors who make the new businesses.   Innovation is both the cause and result of every entrepreneurship, while research and development is the key to that innovation. An invention of product, service, or process has four distinct steps to become an innovation : research, development, demonstration, and commercialization. Authorities and agencies should provide incentives directly affecting the original innovator to reach commercialization of the product, service, or process.   In sharing economy, consumers take part as the producers and consumers at the same time, companies no longer completely control the resources they sell, and business models constantly change. To regulate sharing economy, government have five options : entirely ban the sharing economy activities, do not make any new regulation as long as the stakeholders do not professionally conduct their businesses, let the market stakeholders regulate themselves, make entirely new regulations based on the inputs from all stakeholders or make temporary experimental laws.  Entrepreneurship promotional agencies should avoid the trap of attracting the relocation of companies or startups from one homogenous sector, instead, the agencies should create conducive ecology for new companies creation and development from diverse sectors. Government and regulators should aim to minimize the policies’ complexity, resource consumption, unnecessary hindrances, to support the entrepreneurs. Government can actively support both conventional companies and sharing economy companies, at the same time, by consulting the affected parties to provide suitable policies for sustainable development.


Foreign students’ intention towards a China’s third-party mobile and online payment platform based on Alipay
Aktortifan Ridno Prabu Pratama and Zhou Jin
As the times progressed, so many features of smartphones that are developed by producers in manufactures. Hardware and software are fused to deliver comfort and increase the productivity of users’ smartphone. The example of software that can help users for a convenient transaction is Alipay and Wechat Pay, a China’s third-party mobile and online payment platform developed by Alibaba group and Tencent respectively. This research aimed to observe expats’ motives in the use of Chinese third-party online payment platform with the sample was some foreign students in Nanjing as the Alipay users. Based on Unified Theory and Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) which consists four key constructs (effort expectancy, performance expectancy, social influence, and facilitating conditions), the results found that behavioral intentions were significantly carried out by effort expectancy, performance expectancy, and facilitating conditions, while social influence factors were found to be insignificant.


The Impact of The Behavior of Smartphone Usage on The Consumption of Fake News by Student 
Muhammad Ulil Albab Surya Negara
The background of this research is the increase of the distribution of fake news in cyberspace to coincide with the 2019 general election (Pemilu) campaign in Indonesia. Undergraduate students in Indonesia, most of whom are beginner voters in the 2019 election, are one of the most important campaign targets calculated by each political party. Fake news produced massively and structurally by political parties to get support from voters can break the unity and the harmony of the nation. Students as young people whose mindsets are critical and have idealism in fighting for their ideas must be able to distinguish between true and fake news for the safety of their own insights. The research method used is a quantitative method to understand the behavior of students in using mobile phones which is the fastest media for disseminating information through the internet. Understanding of these behaviors will provide an overview of the impact of the application or information channel most often opened by someone to their ability to distinguish true and fake news. This study aims to get a strategy that needs to be done to improve student behavior in using mobile phones, which will affect the quality of information obtained from the internet via mobile phones. So that young people who are productive and have the right insight are not easily provoked by fake news from the internet.


Netizens are Always Right: A Study of  Cyberbullying in Instagram
Erni Dewi Riyanti, Nita Anisatul Azizah, Winona Nur Annisaa, and Zulfa Rahmaniati
Recently, social media has an important role in daily life because social media is one of communication tools that can be used even remotely. Instagram is one of social media used by various generations worldwide nowadays. Every individual can access Instagram easily. It enables the users to communicate their activities with other people and see others’ activities. With this form of sharing, this platform receives various responses from the users—or popularly called netizen—mainly in form of comments. This research seeks to identify comments made by Instagram users which indicate cyberbullying, especially ones that directed to women. In this inquiry, the researchers examine netizen’s comments on online prostitution case involving VA, a famous Indonesian celebrity. The case became viral as some Instagram accounts reported the case in a relatively short time and received various responses. The researchers observe some prompt comments from followers of three gossip accounts in Instagram and classify the comments with the tendency of cyberbullying. The results show that netizens’ comments indicate cyberbullying in form of flaming, online harassment, and denigration. The results also point out doxxing and tendency of victim-blaming on VA as the only actor in this case.


Analysis to Users’ Reaction on Weird 3D Animation Videos on Instagram
Erni Dewi Riyanti, Bella Munita Sary, Nurhasanah Walijah and Qurrotul A’Yuni
Currently, Instagram is the most favorite social media platform in the Indonesia and Instagram is already ranked the 7th largest social media worldwide with number of users around 800 million in January 2018 (, 2018). The main purpose of Instagram is to channel users’ visual ideas in form of photos, digital arts and videos. Besides, Instagram can also be a promotion tool for art. Here, users can find accounts with out-of-the-box contents, which tend to be disgusting or weird. One of the examples is @extraweg which produces 3D Animation videos. The content creator uploads digital arts which successfully attract Instagram users’ attention, resulted in both positive or negative reactions. Therefore, this research aims to study users’ reaction on some of the most viewed videos uploaded by @extraweg content creator. The result shows that there are pros and cons from the users. Pro comments on @extraweg’s account shows that people love and satisfy with its 3D animation art works. On the other hand, there are people who feel uncomfortable with the videos.


Increasing MSME’s Competitiveness in East Java: E-IEM Alternative Applications Based on E-Commerce to Increase Productivity, Output Growth and Market Share 
Mufid ,Muhammad Lutfi Dahlan ,Yuli Setiyawati, and Safira Alhana Zubairy
MSME’s (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) plays an important sector to drive the economic productivity of a country. In Indonesia 99% of businesses come from MSME’S, 97% of workers depend on the MSME’s sector, and 57% contribute to Indonesia’s GDP. However, the problems faced by MSME’s today are related to the capacity and quality of human resources, as well as access to productive resources and markets. MSME’s also needs to increase its resilience in its business in conditions of increasing business competition and changes in market demand caused by technological developments.  Referring to this problem, a trading platform in the form of an internet platform is needed to reduce these problems. E-Commerce is a trading platform that utilizes the advancement of internet Technology to facilitate the occurrence of buying and selling transactions. E- Commerce is very profitable for producers and consumers, because it can reduce costs and time efficiency for both parties.  E-Commerce that will be made by researchers is E-IEM (E-Integrated Education Marketing). This application provides access to superior product information from MSME’s in an area and sells it to the general public. In addition, this application also provides guidance on MSME’s starting from the beginning of opening a business until it is steady. E-IEM will be a forum for MSME’s to sell products easily domestically and abroad. So the problems faced by MSME’s can be overcome. Writing this scientific paper uses secondary data and primary with qualitative descriptive writing method. To be able to create the validity of information about the E-IEM application researchers plan to work with the East Java Provincial Government Communication Committee to get the data. So E-IEM is expected to be able to increase sales, productivity and market share effectively and efficiently.


Immunomodulation Effects of Ethanolic Cyperus rotundus Rhizome Extract on DMBA-Induced Breast Cancer Model in Mice (Mus musculus)
Abu H. Ramadhani, Wirdatun Nafisah, Hary Isnanto, Tri K. Sholehah, and Muhaimin Rifa’i
Breast cancer is one of the most frequent types of cancer, especially for women. Lymphoctye T cells and macrophages secreting inflammatory cytokines such as IL-1β, IL-6, IFN-γ, and TNF-α plays an important role for cancer development. Cyperus rotundus extract (CRE), also known as Rumput Teki, were proven to show antiinflammation response and supress several pro-inflammatory cytokine. Female BALB/c were induced for breast cancer using 7,12-Dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (DMBA) subcutaneously. Administration of treated groups were done orally using three doses of CRE given for two weeks. Through specific antibody staining, each groups were analyzed using flow cytometry and data were recorded using computer. Graphical analysis was done with BD CellQuestTM Pro, then followed with statistical analysis using SPSS software for ANOVA test and Post Hoc Tukey HSD Test. The treatment of CRE have shown significant decrease on the relative number of lymphocyte T cells and its activation. We also found out that the ratio of CD4/CD8 cells were also lowered by the treatment. CD11b cells were significantly reduced only in high dose of CRE. Furthermore, inflammatory cytokine IL-1β, IL-6, and IFN-γ secreted by CD11b cells were also significantly reduced. TNF-α was significantly reduced only in dose 3 group. Hence, our finding in this paper is that CRE may be a potential suppressor agent for inflammation in breast cancer models.


Mat Electric Repellent as an Alternative for Dengue Fever’s Prevention using Ocimum basilicum Essential Oil
Tiara Puspa Asriningrum, Fiona Lisa Yulinar, and An Nisa Nur Laila
Indonesia is one of the tropical countries, located in the equatorial region where mosquitoes can grow well. Dengue fever is a disease caused by a virus carried by a mosquito vector. The main vector of this disease is the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The prevalence of dengue fever in Indonesia at the beginning of 2018 until the early week of 2019 have a increase in the number of people affected by dengue, with the highest number of patients in East Java with a total of 700 people. In 2017, 22.55% of 100,000 populations infected by dengue fever, with cases of 444 deaths and the highest incidence occurred in Bali. Prevention of this disease can be done by eradicating vectors using chemicals (fogging), but some chemicals contained in fogging are dangerous to humans. Therefore, another alternative that is safe, good and easy to use is needed, one of which is by using the basil (Ocimum bacilicum) plant. Ocimum bacilicum is a plant that grows a lot in Indonesia. Essential oils from this plant are known to have activity as larvacides, especially for Aedes aegypti mosquito. Essential oils from Ocimum basilicum plants are made into electric mosquito repellents in matt form with certain formulations. The process of making this product begins with the extraction of basil leaves by distillation. Then the separation between the oil and water phase is carried out using a separating funnel. Electric insect repellent media is made using cork containing 0.01 g/l d-allethrin which has been sterilized using 70% alcohol. The cork is then soaked in basil essential oil for 3 minutes (until perfectly submerged). The test activities obtained LC50 at 16.925% concentration which shows effective results to provide larvicidal activity. It can be concluded that this preparation can be used as an alternative for prevention of dengue fever.


Integrated Blood Type Detector with IoT System to Improve Indonesian Red-Cross Public Health Services
Abu Hanifah Ramadhani,  Rizhaf Setyo Hartono,  Dennis Ievan Hakim
A survey held by the World Health Organization in 2008 shows that the blood stock in Indonesia is 0.2% of the total population, which is lower than the minimum requirement for health services (2,5% of the total population). This is caused by the low quality of donor equipments and incompetent workers. In addition, the current regulation on blood availability monitoring seems rather complex and difficult process. The purpose of this study is to create an integrated device which is able to test the blood type and serves a database of blood stock in several IRC to accelerate the distribution of blood between IRC and hospital. This research utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) using a Wi-Fi module to create a device which could send data to computers using the internet. Through an experiment of 85 respondents, results showed that the accuracy of the device in detecting blood type is 96.5%. The time taken for the data to be received by the computer varies with the internet network used. The fastest data transfer was received using a  4G network, which requires only 1.9 seconds. Meanwhile, the 3G and 2G network took around 3.17 and 18.17 seconds respectively.


Peer Bullying in Elementary Schools:  A Case Study on Teachers‟ Perceptions in Toili, Luwuk Banggai Regency, Indonesia
Bullying in schools is a growing global problem, and Indonesia has not been spared. Bullying can give adverse outcome to the victim such us confusion, anger, fear, self-doubt, and weaknesses in their academic and social competencies. The study conducted in Elementary Schools in Toili, Luwuk Banggai regency, Indonesia. The purpose of this study to find out the common types of bullying based on their perceptions, and how teachers deal with them based on their experience. The study guided by Albert Bandura‟s Social Learning theory and Vygotsky‟s Social Constructivist theory. One hundred twenty-eight participants from 18 elementary schools were enrolled in this study. Mixed method design used in this study, Sequential Explanatory Design, Quantitative data collected first to drive the qualitative portion of the study. The result of the study mention that Verbal bullying was the highest and cyberbullying was the least frequencies happened among the student. Intervene to stop the Bullying behaviour as the standard measurement against bullying among student. Bullying as disrespectful behaviour and give Malignant Impact consist of Individual body, school culture and society. Some strategy against bullying such us advise trough religion approach, discussion Both Teacher and parent, Educating Punishment, Restricting on using online media in school. Moreover, create a friendly environment, No specific rule consent on bullying issue, hope the findings of this study help policymakers organise program related to anti-bullying program so with this program can reduce the number of bullying issue in elementary schools in Luwuk Banggai, Indonesia.


Social Media Smart Ladder Snake: Creative Learning Media for Instilling Social Media Ethics in Secondary School Students
Khorido Hidayat
The development of the era has delivered the internet and social media to all generations including adolescents . The APJII survey (2017) showed that the internet penetration of children begin 13-18 in Indonesia reached 75.50%. This shows that the internet development in adolescents has been so large and needs attention.  A massive internet development on teenager will have a bad impact if it is not accompanied by education on how to use it safely. Moreover, according to Wahyudin and Karimah (2016) the internet is a vulnerable place for violence, humiliation and decrease of privacy. Psychologically, it reviewed that adolescents and children also do not have good emotional stability (Hurlock, 2011). Thus, adolescents  need to get the right education about how to have ethics in social media. There are many ways to educate the adolescents  about ethics in social media, one of the way is education. Regarding that, teachers as educators must try to give memorable and meaningful learning to students. On the other hand, according to students, teachers in schools are monotonous and less attractive in delivering material (Leonard, 2015). Based on this, a learning media that makes students more interested in learning is needed. One of the media that can be used to overcome this problem is the use of  social media snake ladder. This is a creative media that can be used by teachers to instill social media ethics in an interesting way. The activities in this media use active student learning methods and discussions about social media ethics, such as: do not confide on personal problems, criticize people use private messages rather than in forums, do not share excessive and other photos. This media is played in groups with the same rules as snakes and ladders in general, but this media is 4×4 meters in size and on each board number there are case content about violence on social media that often affects students and they are asked to comment on and resolve existing problems in that case. This will train the students’ analysis and logic in thinking. In addition, through this media students will also practice working in a team, respecting the opinions of others, and understanding how to behave effectively using social media and what the consequences are if students do something that broke the rules. In the end, this media can be used as a media for teachers to educate their students in using social media and  this media teachers can contribute to create a positive internet culture in their environment.


Titik Ulfatun
As mandated by Teacher Law, a teacher must have, comprehend, and master competencies to perform their professional tasks. The purpose of this study was to investigate the competency possessed by Business and Management (BM) Vocational High School (VHS) teachers who have been certified in Purworejo District, Central Java, Indonesia based on their perspectives. This survey research design applied total population sampling.  There were 65 BM VHS teachers who teach vocational core subjects in three programs (Accounting, Marketing, and Office Administration) as the sample. The researcher employed questionnaires as an instrument for collecting data. Certified teachers rated their perceptions using a four-point Likert Scale. Then, data were analyzed utilizing descriptive statistics. Findings revealed that the BM VHS teachers in Purworejo District perceived that their overall competency was very good (86,15%) while the rest of them claimed that their competency was good (13,85%). None of the respondents stated either they had fairly good or poor competency. Nevertheless, their perceptions varied among different categories of competency (pedagogical, personal, professional, and social competency).
(Best Paper 1)


Laser Optogalvanic Spectroscopy of Xenon in a Hollow Cathode Lamp 
Syed Zaheeruddin and Raheel Ali
We present the dominant physical processes responsible for the production of the optogalvanic signal in the spectra of xenon. Time-resolved spectra are obtained at a fixed wavelength of the dye laser resonantly tuned to an optically allowed transition. The temporal evolutions of the signals are registered on a storage oscilloscope. Two transitions from the 6s[3/2]2 metastable and one from 6s[3/2]1 semi-metastable states corresponding to ΔJ = ΔK = 0, ± 1 dipole selection rules, have been selected to investigate the dominant physical processes responsible for the optogalvanic signals. The change in the signal amplitude as a function of the discharge current has been illustrated. In addition, the electron collisional ionization rate parameter ratios and the effective lifetimes of the upper levels have been determined.


Bidayatul Mas’ulah, Muhammad Fajar Faliasthiunus Pradipta , Novia Faridatus Sholihah, and Fandik Achmad Hidayat
Indonesia is one of the twenty largest countries that use electricity in the world. 80% of energy in the world is also used as energy fulfillment in Indonesia. But unfortunately, the fulfillment of electricity in Indonesia has not been fulfilled. According to the Global Trafficking Framework Report, there’re still 14 million Indonesians who don’t have access to electricity (ranking 19th out of 20 countries). Indonesia ranks 4th out of 20 countries as the country that uses the most solid energy (fossil-based energy). Solid energy used is almost used up if there are no sustainable programs on renewable energy for the next 23 years. Therefore, it needs concrete steps to create renewable energy. At present Indonesia is being vigorously calling for renewable energy from nature. Indonesia, which is rich in local wisdom, can be managed again so that it’s worth more like waterfall. One of the islands in Indonesia that has a waterfall and is experiencing a power energy crisis is a bawean island. Bawean Island is located in the northern part of Gresik district, East Java, Indonesia. The area is a remote area with minimal lighting. Dozens of villages on the island of Bawean have not yet been electrified. In fact, the island has waterfall that can be managed further so it is worth more. The most potential part of generating electricity is the flow of waterfalls. The waterfall will flow into the river around it. A series of WALL-e (Waterfall Energy) consisting of a Tesla Turbine which connects to a generator, is placed on a stream of waterfalls that will flow into the river. Water will go into the circular space inside the Tesla Turbine and move the rotation path in the middle of the turbine with a magnet inside. This rotation will be faster because the energy comes not only from the flow of water but also from the magnet. This rotation will drive the generator so that the generator can produce electricity. The water that goes into the Tesla Turbine still spray out and flow towards the river. The resulting electrical energy is connected with parallel circuits to economize the device and produce maximum stream. Furthermore, the energy stored in the capacitor is used as a source of lighting on Bawean island. The ease of the Bawean island society accessing electricity can help develop the potential of local wisdom, improve the economy, and as a form of technological application in everyday life.


Novia Faridatus Sholihah, Satya Candra Wibawa Sakti, Jefpri Suprianto Sianturi, and Mochammad Zakki Fahmi
Folate receptors (FR) are known to be present in various human cancer cells, including ovarian, mammary, lung, kidney, brain, prostate, and throat glands. Carbon nanodots of folic acid can be used as a candidate for a maximum bio-imaging agent because folic acid is expected to directly enter folate receptors on cancer cells. This study were compared the carbon nanodots synthesis process of folic acid precursor via microwave and pyrolysis methods. The favor carbon nanodots was based on the optical properties as well as its graphene-like structure performance.  In the pyrolysis method the physical result is a solid blackish brown carbon nanodots, while in the microwave method the result is a solid brownish brown carbon nanodots. The properties of carbon nanodots were identified by UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Spektrofluorometry, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Raman Spectroscopy, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), and  X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). The toxicity assessment were performed by CCK-8 cytotoxicity assay and showed the ability of carbon nanodots as staining agent of HeLa cancer cells.These results were good evidence on promote the carbon nanodots as an eco-friendly and efficient nanomaterial for cancer detection.
(Best Paper 3)


Utilization of Orange Peel Waste (Citrus nobilis Lour.) as Biogas for Electricity Source in Isolated Areas
Anindya Ramadhanti Yufinanda, An Nisa Nur Laila, Andi Mar’ie Ramadan Nurusalam, and Yuna Fajar Herdiansyah
Orange is one of fruits that have massive productivity in Indonesia. The amount of production has an impact on increasing orange peel waste. Orange peel waste which is often disposed has the potential to be used as biogas. The biogas from the orange peel waste can be used for electricity source. The aim of this paper is to provide innovation in orange peel waste utilization so it can be used for electricity source in isolated area. The processes to make biogas from orange peel waste consist of three process, including depolymerization, acetogenesis and metanogenesis. The depolymerization process is a process of reducing complex organic compounds into simpler compounds by hydrolytic bacteria. The acetogenesis process is a process to convert simple compounds into volatile organic acids. The last process, the methanogenesis process, provides the final product in the form of methane gas that used as biogas. The use of biogas has a smaller negative impact on environment and is more cost-effective than the use of landfill disposal. Some of the advantages possessed by biogas from orange peel waste indicate that this research is one of the innovations for alternative electricity sources in isolated areas for daily life


Agung Adi Firdaus
In the year 2012, the mortality rate 1.5 million of the population of the world is caused by diabetes. Diabetes complications are the third highest cause of death in Indonesia. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of diabetic patients all over the world by the year 2015 as much as 415 million. It is estimated that the number will increase significantly to 642 million by 2040. It gets worse, most people do not know if it had been suffering from diabetes. According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, two out of three people with diabetes in Indonesia did not know that was had diabetes. In Asia, more than 50 percent of diabetics know have diabetes after experiencing complications in various organs. This causes the access to health care is done in conditions of late. Under these conditions, it would require an innovation for the detection of diabetes wich are easy, effective and efficient. The approach used in the writing of this research is descriptive qualitative based on literature review method. Innovation that given to solve the problem is software or application for the detection of diabetes with facial image processing technology. Diabetes is detected by the application by analyzing the texture of a human face using MATLAB software. Classification is done by Improved Patch Ordering Algorithm. The conclusions of this research is the application system detection of diabetes consists of: Input face image, applying color correction procedure, block division, feature extraction, the application of Gabor filters, Improved Patch Ordering classification and classification to distinguish positive diabetes diabetic or not. This application is expected that layman can perform effective and efisien diagnosis early, so that it can immediately take medication when it has been diagnosed with diabetes.


Rubbish to Resource: Turning Waste into Biodegradable Microbeads  
Nabilla Farah Naura
Microbeads are soft and tiny microplastic, which size is less than 5mm, mostly made from polyethylene, and can be easily found in any cleansing products such as, soap, toothpaste, body scrub, and others. The daily use of cleansing products containing microbeads can cause environmental damage, especially the aquatic ecosystem. Based on research that has been done by scientists in the University of Plymouth, South England, UK, a cleansing product containing microbeads can release about 4,500-94,500 microbeads to the waterways in every single use. Because of its tiny size, the city water treatment system unable to capture these microplastic particles, so they overflowed and ended up in waterways. The size of microbeads that are only no more than 0.1 μm in diameter, make marine biota often get mistaken them for phytoplankton. Not only marine biota, but freshwater biota also consumes these microbeads, which are accumulated on the water surface.   In the water, microbeads act like sponges. Microbeads have pores that can absorb toxic chemicals such as poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and bisophenol-A (BPA). These toxin chemicals will not only end up inside the aquatic biota digestive system but also inside the human body. The presence of toxic chemicals in the human body can potentially affect human health. Therefore, an effective innovation is needed to change microbeads. Polyethylene, the main composition of microbeads, can be replaced by cellulose in order to become biodegradable. Cellulose is chosen because it is the most abundant biopolymer on earth, can be degraded naturally, and safe to be consumed by the aquatic biota. In this case, the cellulose solution is extracted from oil palm empty fruit bunches waste. Indonesia is the world’s largest palm oil producers, so not only do we reduce the amount of the waste, but also recycle and reuse the oil palm empty fruit bunches waste. This implementation of biodegradable microbeads in Indonesia not only will accomplish one goal, but four sustainable development goals at the same time, which are clean water and sanitation, responsible consumption and production, climate change, and also life below water. Hence, the number of microplastic in water cycle can be effectively reduced without increasing environmental damage and potentially create a sustainable future.


An Innovation for Hiking Backpack to Reduce Force and Load on the Back Part of Body with Hypothermia Early Prevention Function   
Ahmad Hanif Faiz, Refrian Husni Syihabuddin, Nuzila Putri Al Bana, and Rachmat Aulia1
Backpack is of the needs in carrying out many kinds of human daily activities. One of the activities is hiking. But, in carrying the backpack, we often have to carry luggage with heavy loads whereas the recommendation weight in carrying a backpack according to expert is 10% of the carrier body weight. Carrying a backpack with excessive load could lead to MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders). To solve this problem, researchers have created an innovative backpack called EMIRATES (Ergonomic Floating Bag To Reduce Force Using Suspended Load Technology). An ergonomic bag with a function to reduce impact force and load on the back when walking or running. This design is based on the voice of customer and following the current needs of mountain climbers. This research uses the Kano model which is used to determine customer satisfaction by specifying the attribute in designing and development process with the help of 36 respondents to decide the attribute. By using the Kano model, researchers could see the relationship between the desired performance criteria and customer satisfaction so that researchers could design the backpack with appropriate development. After the researcher got all the desired data then it will be divided into groups. These groups will be translated into a diagram so that the categories from each attribute could be seen. The plan to design EMIRATES bring out eight different types of attribute in designing hiking backpacks. The anthropometric approach is used to determine the dimensions that are used in the design of this backpack and to obtain an effective design for high performance and productivity. The design of EMIRATES is using the dimensions of back, shoulders, and arms so the anthropometric data that is used includes several body parts around the body segment. The main function of this bag is to reduce the force and load on the back part of the body using a suspension system that uses a sliding rail and pulley suspension system. Technically, the system is equipped with a shock breaker-like suspension that reduces impact. With this concept, it will be able to reduce the vertical load transfer. The vertical displacement of the load is also used to produce electric current by installing electromagnetic induction circuits which be used later as a body warmer. The features in this bag include an ambient temperature sensor, if the current temperature is below the setting point of the sensor, it will activate the body warmer automatically for hypothermia early prevention during the hiking process. With the variety of functions available, it is expected that this tool could facilitate backpack users and could minimize the risk of injury.


Sustainable Building and Energy Efficiency as an Independent Energy Building Concept in The Banjar Tribe Traditional Houses in South Kalimantan  
Miranti Diah Prastika and Eka Dahliani
The traditional house is one of the highest representations of cultural results in a tribe in society. It is also applied in “Rumah Banjar” or Banjar Houses in the province of South Kalimantan. The “Rumah Banjar” is a typical Banjar people’s houses whose building construction is made of wood with the interior of the upper part of the intersection without a ceiling installed. Until present, the “Rumah Banjar” still maintains a conventional building concept, without reforming time by time. Consequently, there is some res arise in the “Rumah Banjar” concept, such as still not having, 1) the concept of the house waste treatment process; 2) the friendly environment and efficient energy systems. Based on the problems that arise, the solutions offered for those are by applying the concept of Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building. The mechanism for applying this concept offers energy saving solutions through solar cell installation, the use of styrofoam on the walls of houses, and biogas processing systems produced by household waste. The method used in the preparation of this paper was using literature studies with a quantitative approach, namely research procedures that produce descriptive data in the form of written words from the analysis of the results of the deepening of the literature review. The use of the Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building concept is possible to apply in South Kalimantan which has geographical characteristics close to the equator, so the intensity of lighting received is quite large, with an annual average of 585.1 cal / cm2 (1 cal = 0.001163 Wh). The utilization of light intensity can be integrated to provide household energy in an effort to minimize costs. The electrical power produced using the Kyocera KD185GX-LPU type solar cell (16.3% efficiency), which is equal to 2342,4 watts/day. The application of styrofoam on the walls of the house is able to reduce heat transmission by 10oC, so naturally, the room temperature can be controlled at 25oC at noon. The implementation of the Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building concept to “Rumah Banjar” or Banjar tribe houses can improve the management of the houses to create a sustainable energy processing system and make efficient energy in the houses so it has natural and healthy lighting with the minimum energy utilization.


The Importance of Pharmacist’s Role in Disaster Management in Indonesia
Yuna Fajar Herdiansyah, Andi Mar’ie Ramadan Nurussalam, An Nisa Nur Laila
Indonesia is the meeting place of three tectonic plates in the world that make Indonesia one of the highest disaster frequency countries in the world. Based on the Indonesian Disaster Information Data (DIBI) from 2005 until 2015, more than 1,800 disaster events hit various regions in Indonesia. There always be huge effects after disaster, including a health crisis. To fulfil the community needs related to health, a system is needed to deal

with the disasters’ effects. This research intended to know about the importance of pharmacist’s role in disaster management. The method used in this research is literature review to know about the pharmacist role in disaster management in Indonesia and other country. We compared the role that has been carried out with the

guidelines made by government when the disaster occurred. We used the guidelines from Indonesia and America. The result is the role of pharmacists in Indonesia still lack in handling disasters. For this reason, it is necessary to improve the performance of pharmacists in handling disasters. We proposed several suggestion in three level disaster (pre-disaster, during disaster, and post disaster) based from what pharmacist did in other country but still not implemented in Indonesia.


Effect of Gross Regional Domestic Product, Life Expectancy, and Illiterate Population on Human Development Index in Indonesia Using Data Panel Regression Analysis
Yoga Satria Sembada and Yesan Tiara
Human Development Index (HDI) is a benchmark for measuring the welfare or success of the development of a region or country. To measure the human quality of a particular region can also be seen from the achievement of HDI numbers. According to the latest data from BPS in 2017, the overall HDI value of Indonesia is 70.81 with the highest HDI value still in the DKI Jakarta province of 80.06 and the lowest is still in the province of Papua at 59.09. The objects in this study were 33 provinces in Indonesia for the period 2013-2017 using data obtained from the Central Statistics Agency. Data taken is in the form of Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP), Life Expectancy, Illiteracy and HDI. In this study, HDI modeling in Indonesia uses panel data regression which is a method involving cross section data and time series using Eviews software. The purpose of

this study was to determine whether the independent variables namely GRDP, Life Expectancy, and Illiteracy had a significant effect both simultaneously and partially on the dependent variable, HDI. The selection of these variables is because HDI is a composition index based on three indicators, namely health, education, and the

economy achieved. Educational indicators are measured by illiterate population. Health indicators are measured by life expectancy. Economic indicators are measured from gross regional domestic products. From the results of this study, it was found that the more suitable panel data regression model was the Fixed Effect Model and showed that the Life Expectancy variable had a positive and significant effect on HDI in Indonesia of 3.281393 and the Illiteracy variable had a negative and significant effect on HDI in Indonesia at 0.331703. While the GRDP variable does not significantly.


Barmen Parlindungan Simanjuntak, Muhammad Mufid
Indonesia’s geographical position is located at 6o LU – 11o LS and 95o BT – 141o BT which is flanked by three tectonic plates, namely: the Indo-Australian Plate, the Eurasian Plate, and the Pacific Plate. The Indo-Australian Plate is in the south and moves relative to the north and infiltrates the Eurasian Plate, the Eurasian Plate is in the northwest and moves relative to the southeast while the Pacific Plate is in the northeast and moves relative to the west. According to the plate tectonic theory proposed by ALFRED WEGENER (1915) in his book “The Origins of Oceans and Continents”, the surface of the earth is split into several hardsegmented tectonic plates and floats above the asthenosphere, therefore the tectonic plate is free to move and interact with each other.

Tectonic movement is the trigger for the formation of the geological structure of the earth’s crust. Tectonic movements are generated from the flow of covection under the earth’s crust, these convection currents move several plates in a certain direction and cause the formation of geological structures (deformations) such as faults or folds. Fault is a fracture field accompanied by a relative shift of one block to another rock block (Billing 1959). Shifts can be relatively down, relatively up, or moving relatively flat against other blocks. A sudden shift from a fault can cause an earthquake. Regionally, the influential faults in Indonesia include, the Sumatra Fault on Sumatra Island extends more than 1,600 kilometers from Aceh to Lampung and continues to move up, the Mentawai Fault which extends from the north to the south of the Mentawai Islands, the Lembang Fault located extending from the east of the Padalarang toll road to Mount Manglayang as far as 25 kilometers underground in Bandung, the Palu Koro Fault that divides Sulawesi Island into two starting from the waters of the Sulawesi Sea bordering Makassar to Teluk Bone, and the Sorong Fault located on the northern edge The island of Papua stretches from East to West through the city of Manokwari-Sorong and continues to Halmahera and possibly to Sulawesi.


Ecolinguistics and The Existence of The Indigenous of Lembongan’s Village From Mass Tourism: Community, Sustainability and Resilience
Faiz Abdullah Wafi, Kintansari Adhyna Putri, Ikhtiar Anugrah Hidayat
Ecolinguistics was first introduced in 1970 by Einar Haugen who tried dissecting study of ecolinguistics by using the language of Ecology through the adaptation of the inter-relationship life of human with nature. This study is based on an agenda of social practices in social life such as cultural, social condition, political situation, belief, and education. Haugen tried to make a construct with the language of metaphor, which is about understanding of the environment by the community of users of the language, as one of the language code. At the AILA Conference, Halliday presented an idea about ecolinguistics with some elements of the language that are considered ecologically or known by the term holistic system and non-ecological or fragemented system. Halliday used the concept of ecolinguistics through metaphor, the concept of methods of non metaphor can be interpreted to ecology as a biological environment. It means, to change the language in the form of the lexicon are assigned grammatical or cannot escape from the influence of social and environmental change. When social and environmental changes occur, then it will directly impact on the language changes and continuous improvement with behavior change society to the environment resulting from the language used. In 1990, to cover the study of ecolinguistics developed again by Jörgen Door and Bang then wrapped it into dialectical ecolinguistic’s concept. In this point, a previously ecolinguistik shifted towards the theory of dialectical ecolinguistics where the theoretical framework lies on the use of the social environment concept as a practical language that are divided into three aspects: ideological, sociological and biological. Those aspects also coherent with the concept of Tri Hita Karana as Balinese own beliefs. Tri Hita Karana consists of: Parahyangan (spiritual aspect), Pawongan (social aspect) and Palemahan (environmental aspects). The third aspect of those are decreased due to the outbreak from a wave of

Mass tourism that is a situation where the tourists come into droves for a region that has been over exposed and well known. The researchers try to understand how local communities in Lembongan is capable to cross the dynamics occurs by sticking to the values of Tri Hita Karana. Second, this research will also explain in detail about the level of indigenous traditions and environmental sustainibility from the wave of Mass tourism is mainly associated with decrasing terms such as Subak Tegalan and sabian, and also Laba Pura as a language code of Balinese indigenous. And the last, the researchers will dissect how the indigenous resistance against the presence of the changing tourism patterns, include the construction of the massive tourism, indigenous land sales trends, and dynamics among the head of the customs, indigenous peoples, the Government as well as investors in tourism development in seeing an Extension


Peel-Off Mask from Ethanol Extract of Purple Sweet Potato Peel (Ipomoea batatas L.) for Blackhead Treatment
An Nisa Nur Laila, Andiena Elsafira, Intan Ayu Cahyasari, Puspita Nur Aulia
Acne vulgaris or acne, also known as acne, is a chronic obstructive and inflammatory skin disease in the pilosebasea unit that often occurs in adolescence. The prevalence of acne in adolescence is quite high, ranges between 47-90%. Acne mostly occurs on the face, characterized by the presence of inflammatory lesions and non-inflammatory lesions, namely blackheads. Blackheads can be in the form of open blackheads that occur due to melanin oxidation, or closed blackheads (whitehead comedones). Skin from purple sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) has been reported to have antioxidants activity and have the ability to against free radicals from pollution and UV radiation from carotenoid compounds. Carotenoids are one of the compounds that can eliminate the appearance of blackheads from the skin of the face. Currently, treatment with chemicals is the first choice. However, the innovation for this product is needed. Treatment based on natural ingredients and formed as cosmetic products can be an alternative to treat facial skin and prevent blackheads from occurring puberty in adolescents. Mask is one of the facial care products that are loved by adolescents and becoming a trend nowadays. The advantages of this form are easy to use and relatively cheap, made this is the main choice for adolescents. A practice and suitable mask product are needed for adolescents, so a peel-off mask is a good choice for it.


Investigation composition and materials of the termite nest in the forest Muaralabuh, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Febri Yanto, Ildo Muhary Putra, Muhammad Yusuf, M. Azinuddin Pamungkas, Rendy Agustiawan, Azhar Khaliq
Termites are insects that live in colonies or groups. In order to maintain the viability of the cooperation is the solution in their individual capacity. Seen at the time to build a house, to accommodate materials from the existing selection on the environment so that the combination of this material can create a  building with its own composition that can accommodate termites. Retrieved termite in tropical forests, Muaralabuh City, province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The uniqueness of this area is still a natural forest that has endemic plants and germplasm resources. This research is to present the natural conditions that existed at the termites to adapt later evolved to maintain the existence of the adaptive behavior. Termite nest samples tested with XRF, XRD, and granulometry analysis that can be known materials and property surrounding the house of termites. These results indicate the dominance of ferrous metal mineral elements which are naturally selected by termites itself as one of the constituent material of his house. Nests made more solid from ambient conditions to be able to accommodate the weather conditions in the tropical rain forest. Another benefit is to determine the natural resources contained in the area. Nests made more solid from ambient conditions to be able to accommodate the weather conditions in the tropical rain forest.


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