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Authors are encouraged to submit their work electronically. Full versions of the “best papers” presented at the conference will be considered for publication in the Scopus Journals Indexing (after the regular reviewing process):

Submission Deadline

Abstract Submission: Please format your abstract no more than 600 words and submit over the link before the deadline (in PDF form).

Notification Deadline

The paper will be sent for the peer-review process. If your paper is accepted, the notification will be sent to the emails indicated on the articles by the deadline. Please make sure the article should be written in good English grammar. Please send your registration materials to the conference secretary before the deadline.

We encourage all authors to write an article based on the scope of the conference topic.
“Leveraging Region with Economy, Social, and Technology Collaboration”.

To submit your manuscript, please register to Easychair System by clicking Submit Article

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  1. Selamat pagi,
    Saya mau tanya, untuk akomodasi peserta yg menyampaikan papernya, bagaimana?jika pakai biaya kira2 berapa, jika ditanggung panitia nanti bagaimana?

    1. Salam,
      Untuk akomodasi ataupun transportasi bisa melihat harga update melalui aplikasi yang ada di Booklet.
      Panitia hanya membantu informasi melalui pencarian tempat penginapan.
      Peserta bisa melalukan pemesanan dll sesuai keperluan di Tianjin melalui app.

      Terima kasih.

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